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Lyric Theatre Artists Conception 2015
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Orpheum Oil City 1906
1906 Orpheum was origianlly built at this location-
     Vaudeville houses were prevelant in our city during the early 1900's due to the active oil fields in the surrounding hills.  Variety acts of all sorts could be seen in the many local theatres of that era.
Keys to Success:
Reclaiming the current old store front for a performance space, auditorium, and spacious lobby.
Marketing the services of a performing arts center to patrons enjoying many forms of entertainment.
Developing a year round package for a variety of patrons.

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  Our Dream is Coming True
We intend to save an historic theatre from further deterioration and eventual loss, enhance the variety of arts being established in Oil City, and act as a magnet for performing arts and downtown businesses. The location of the theater will help it function as another anchor point for the arts district being established in a broad effort to revive the downtown Oil City area hit by the loss of many well paying jobs during the late 1900's. Initial construction estimates indicate that with sufficent funding, the facility could be refurbished in as little as 11 months. Our target market resides in about a 90 mile radius and includes residents, people with secondary properties, and a variety tourist attracted to the Oil Region and its rich resources.
Much of the work done to preserve the building has been completed so far by volunteers. The planning phase is essentially completed. It is time to begin the reconfiguration and restoration process. CDCA, Inc has no other programs operating at this time. The restoration of the Lyric is our only focus.
1926 Plaster Detail still intact
A view from the stage
Existing Store front to be replaced
A Strong Foundation
The Lyric Theatre Oil City is owned by Community Playhouse, Incorporated and they will become the resident theatre troupe of the renovated theatre. CPI has been producing quality shows in the Oil Region since 1955. To continue their primary focus on producing shows, CPI has entered into an agreement with Colonel Drake Cultural Alliance, Inc. to manage the property. Together, they seek $1,500,000 in public and private funding to complete renovations to the historic Lyric Theatre- the last remaining example of a working vaudeville house in the city limits where once there were many.
A Stong Partner
The primary objective of the Colonel Drake Cultural Alliance, Inc is to restore, preserve, and maintain the Lyric Theatre by providing an excellent performance arts venue to host stimulating entertainment, educational, and social events for the region.
The CDCA was formed in 1994 to restore, preserve, and maintain a historical building in Venango County and helped manage the 1926 Colonel Drake Theatre project until that property was lost at auction in late 1995. Other city properties were evaluated but the Lyric  property at 216 Seneca Street shows great promise to support and advance historical education and cultural activities for the benefit of the Oil Region. It is a very appropriately sized venue for the intended purposes and is located in an emerging arts district.
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