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Lyric Theatre Oil City Artist Conception 2015
You can help our dream come true

Bring Up the Curtain
Please help bring up the curtain

We are engaged in a funding campaign to raise the money to complete the renovation by August of 2015.
  Donate a level that is significant to you!  

We seek to raise about $1.415M soon so we can open the theatre by our 60th anniversary.
Some Background
Orpeum Oil City 1906
Lyric 1927
Lyric 2013
Lyric Theatre Oil City Artist Conception 2015
  Lyric Theatre History:
  • Orpheum Theater opened 1906
  • The Princess Theater 1917
  • The Cameo Theater
  • Cameo damaged by fire, owners Herman and Julius Stahl commissioned Holmes Crosby to rebuild
  • The Lyric opened 1927
  • Vaudeville house until 1937
  • Operated as a movie house until closing 1955
  • Holmes Crosby redesigned the building into 2 storefronts (Abe Lang Women’s Wear and Ray L Way Men’s Wear)
  •  2001 Community Playhouse, Inc. purchased the building and began demolition of the storerooms to expose original theater
  • 2006 Colonel Drake Cultural Alliance, Inc. entered into an agreement with CPI to assume management and development of the theater.
  Short Term Projects:
  • Replace auditorium roof   (complete)
  • Demo and clear interior  (complete)
  • Emergency exit  (complete)
  • Removal of floor over raked Auditorium (complete)
  • New stage electric panel (complete)
  • Auditorium/Stage work lights (complete)
  • Dressing room hallway lighting (complete)
  • Framing for Men, Ladies, and 2 family restrooms   (complete)
  • Back stage wall, dressing rooms, and hallway – cleanied and painted (complete)
  • Temporary furnace and gas meter (complete)
Auditorium under renovation
Much remains to be done
You can help!
Donate now!!
Thank you for your consideration!!!

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