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Lyric Theatre Oil City Artist Conception 2015
The Challenge
It only takes one generation to ignore a treasure like this and it could be gone forever.  Community Playhouse, Inc. (CPI) and the Colonel Drake Cultural Alliance, Inc. (CDCA) are determined to make sure it isn’t this generation that blinks and lets this piece of history fade into the past.  There are so many stories and memories that emanated from this district.  Not just the shows or performers that were attracted to the “fast money” of the Oil Region, but also the families, relationships, and values that were spawned and developed here in these vaudeville houses and movie palaces. What you might see in the Lyric Theatre Oil City is the start of a vision to reclaim the former flair and bright hope that made this area so pivotal in our nation’s history and heritage.  Imagine families enjoying quality performances in a comfortable, reasonably sized, historic setting. 

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Lyric Theatre Oil City
PO Box 1145
216 Seneca Street,
Oil City, PA 16301

Toll Free:
(855) 245-1511


Joseph P. Boland Sr. 

Colonel Drake Cultural Alliance, Inc.

Bring history back to life at-
         The Lyric Theatre Oil City
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